Faerie Tarot Readings

The gracious guidance I provide during an intuitive faerie tarot reading will help you connect with your divine essence, strengthen your inner wisdom, and gently assist you with the questions that can arise on our life journeys.   

I am an intuitive, honored to walk with faerie, elemental, angelic, ancestral and animal kingdom energies. I hold the highest intention for love and light to flow for you in every reading. 

Readings run on average 20 to 60 minutes, and are $2.00/minute. Interested? I am available for private readings, Skype around the world, or at your event or gathering. Contact me to arrange a place and time.

“Oonagh Elisa’s heart based connection to Divine Light is evident even just being in her presence. She radiates a pure light essence that has the capacity to make manifest all the magic that normally cannot be seen. She has a special connection to the Faerie realms and they speak through her physical vessel in the readings. Every card she pulled for me was like a direct message from Source, providing exactly the insight I seemed to be needing at the time. Oonagh’s gift is meant to be shared now at this time to help facilitate our personal and planetary embodiement of our highest essence nature!” TS

“My reading was a remarkably accurate revelation and confirmation of my innermost thoughts regarding questions I’ve had about how to move forward with my life. What a gift!!” DW

“My reading with Oonagh changed my life.” DZ

“I have been blessed by 2 intuitive card readings with Oonagh Elisa.The energy she carries is wise, whimsical, insightful, creative and authentic. The space she holds for others unfoldment and understanding is sacred. I recommend her readings highly and without reservation.” JB

“Oonagh’s readings were very insightful & very emotional for me.   Her readings not only answered my questions I presented but they seemed to evolve into a whole other realm, giving me a deep & insightful perspective. I wholeheartedly recommend Oonagh Elisa & her reading. She will touch your heart.” GC